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Welcome to CMC Marketing Agency in Toronto

CMC Marketing Agency in Toronto strives to offer fully customizable solutions that fit each of the clients based on their unique needs.

We are a leading marketing agency specializing in comprehensive and innovative marketing strategies.

Leave all your preconceptions and expectations about a marketing company behind. Our team of Toronto marketing experts at CMC takes all the energy, artistry, and style to fuel our work and offer unparalleled marketing services.

We not only take the time to listen to your goals but also aid in driving the best results so that your business sees amazing returns. CMC is a top marketing company in Toronto that provides a full suite of marketing services at affordable prices. Get in touch with our marketing specialists for more information.

A Marking Company in Toronto that:

Creates innovative strategies, inspires communities, lives brands, and builds businesses

Here at CMC marketing agency, we apply innovative marketing strategies and data collection to create an edge for your brand. Our team of content marketers, website designers, search engine optimizers, and digital marketers bring the best to every client. In today’s hyper-connected world, marketing strategies and communication tactics are ever-changing and dynamic. That’s why we keep up to date with marketing developments and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Our Toronto marketing agency is a premier marketing firm providing holistic solutions for companies from various industries. We have deployed proven marketing tactics and strategies since we started working as a marketing agency in Toronto, one of the most livable cities in Canada and the world. Give us a call for a free consultation about marketing in Toronto.

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Our web experience and your industry expertise make a great team.
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CMC setting you up for success
Pioneering growth hacks. Disruptive strategies. From cutting-edge marketing methods on social media to the HUGE new selling potential with Facebook Messenger (trust us you’ll want in), our methods are sharp. Street-smart. Bold. And damn they get results quickly.
We find your brand’s powerful voice. We build its gripping story and award-winning personality. With our creative flair, your customers will be screaming ‘shut up and take my money’ before they’ve put down their coffee
Our team combines youthful exuberance with sharp-minded business acumen. We deliver fantastic results time and time again. We know what works — and what doesn’t — and use our wisdom to rise above your competitors.
Time is precious. We don’t waste it on methods where you’ll grow a grisly beard before you see results. Our strategies deliver exponential growth without costing the earth… or the shaving cream.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing

As today's world is becoming more and more digital, especially after the global pandemic in 2020, businesses and companies from all industries are searching for ways to keep up with the latest marketing tactics. At CMC Marketing Agency in Toronto, we also tried our best to level up businesses using exceptional and innovative marketing strategies. However, new marketing solutions may sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming. Thus, we will answer some of your frequently asked questions with the help of our marketing specialists in Toronto as below.

We offer a full range of marketing services in Toronto and the surrounding area to make your brand stand out. Here at CMC Marketing Agency, you can get services such as:

We are a high-energy team of marketing professionals who get your business, service, message, and product heard or seen by the right people. Our fully rounded marketing agency in Toronto won’t let even one of your marketing needs be left out. Contact us if you have further questions about our online marketing services.

The most noticeable difference between online marketing and traditional marketing is their immediacy. You can start a marketing strategy on the web in less than a few hours. The internet is fast and targets a vast number of customers. It is also more affordable to get help from digital marketing than regular marketing. Nowadays, the internet is accessible to almost everyone. Less than a decade ago, not every person could use a social media platform or various websites. Thus, online digital marketing and advertising would be a much more profitable solution for businesses of all sizes and shapes.  

SEO, The Make Or Break Point​

The Best Possible Marketing Solutions Using Digital Channels

Regarding the growth of social media and the internet, no marketing strategy seems complete without addressing the digital channels. According to HOOK Agency, 48% of the companies spend 4 to 10% of their revenue on advertising and marketing. More than half of them, 50%, admit that the highest return on investment is for search-related marketing, including content marketing and SEO. Additionally, over 44% of the companies primarily more than 23% intend to increase their sales revenue, and around 20% want to increase their brand awareness with the help of marketing agencies. The rest follow marketing strategies to increase their website traffic, improve the users’ experience and improve the data quality.

As the figures published in ZenDesk show, more than 90% of customers claim that positive online reviews affect their buying decisions to a significant extent, and almost 70% of online customers look at the reviews before making a purchase. In general, over 85% of people count on online reviews equal to recommendations from personal contacts.

Many businesses in Toronto also invest in marketing strategies to grow. The research carried out among businesses in Toronto, Ontario, suggests that the market for digital advertising and marketing is constantly progressing. Nearly 50% of Toronto companies believe increasing customer acquisition is the paramount priority when following marketing strategies. Moreover, almost 73% of businesses think lead generation is the main metric to determine the success rate of their marketing strategy. As a whole, the lead generation from Linkedin has been the most successful for 69% of businesses.