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Advertising Photography Services in Toronto​

Advertising Photography Services in Toronto

The illiterate brute has been an ever-present character in the stories of our books, movies, or even cartoons. Take Gaston from Beauty and the Beast for example, not only did he commit unspeakable actions to reach his goal of marrying Bell, but he also made it abundantly clear that he was absolutely appalled by the concept of reading anything without a picture on it.

As much as we love to hate Gaston and his approach to life, he exhibits one inevitable human quality that is painful to acknowledge, yet critical to consider when studying our fellow human beings, attraction to visual stimulation.

Our sense of sight absorbs approximately 78% of our knowledge about the world around us. While it’s been scientifically proven that remembering scents, sounds, and tastes is more difficult of a task, visions are both easier for us to remember and create in our minds.

Now back to our main focus of this article, marketing. We are led by what we see. We remember ads that use captivating pictures or videos. Our assessment of things depends on the impression they give us, and so on. This has made imagery content an essential part of digital marketing. Although this kind of content doesn’t prompt remarkable impact on results from search engines, it has been proven to help businesses grow significantly.

Visual content is a game changer when it comes to social media marketing. Whether it’s a GIF, an infographic, a screenshot, a meme, or a video, we see and share some form of image everyday. How we use these media depends on our content type, however, there is not one of us who doesn’t take advantage of pictures or videos on a daily basis.

Now that we’ve had an overall review of how important photography is in attracting people’s attention, let’s get a bit more technical. We are going to discuss 3 reasons as to why you NEED to have advertising photography in your marketing plan.

1 – Photography in Marketing​
1 – Photography in Marketing

Here are 4 ways in which advertising photography helps your business grow.

No. 1: Photography highlights your overall story. Try and remember a few interesting stories you read in the paper. Was it the title that first caught your attention? Was it the finesse with which the text was written? No, and no. The essence of a remarkable, iconic article is the image attached to it. This image makes people curious about the story and shows them the gist of it. That is why clickbaits and billboards are a thing. Because of this feature, images are amazing for brand awareness when it comes to marketing.

No. 2: Photography allows intimacy between you and your audience. Although not recommended, using stock photos is not that disastrous of an idea. The reason behind the reluctance however, is that original photos of your workplace show your audience details that make everything more authentic and appealing for them.

No. 3: Actions speak louder than words. Visuals have the ability to tell a story, or depict the most important part of it. They don’t necessarily have to replace texts, but they can be used to emphasize or summarize them. Photos are great as a complementary design element in blog and social media posts, as well as case studies. They are especially appreciated by audiences who scan or who have competing interests, which pretty much applies to all of us.

No. 4: Photos are the best way to prove your credibility. When talking about small businesses, it’s common knowledge that original photos are a must if the owner intends to share the story of their company, what they aim for, and what they produce with their target market. On the other hand, it’s easier to find decent stock photos for businesses like law firms, healthcare clinics, and auto shops. However, nothing comes close to original images when showing the audience the firm’s abilities, expertise, and credibility is on the table.

Here at CMC Marketing Agency, we know which steps to take and what photos and sets to use to get the best possible outcome for you and your business. Your advertising photography is bound to be a satisfactory experience if you let us walk you through it carefully.

2 – Original Content Imagery Vs. Stock Photos

Stock photos are easy to access and affordable. However, it cannot be stressed enough how  extremely inefficient they are compared to original visuals. Among different surveys, it has been suggested that the majority of people are unimpressed with these photos at best and annoyed by them at worst. The rigidity of these pre-taken pictures is what makes them less than perfect for marketing purposes. They are claimed to appear impersonal, cold, or fake.

2 – Original Content Imagery Vs. Stock Photos​

Although taking original pictures of your workplace is a little more costly, it is important to know that literally nothing else can describe who you are and what you’re about better than said images.

You can even strike up a deal with your local photographer to do the job for you, as they might get credit themselves and use the opportunity as a marketing strategy of their own.

Whichever way you decide to get these pictures, you should remember that the competition on advertising photography is rising. Hence it’s of significant importance for you to take action immediately. It has been suggested that in 2019, 32% of marketers devoted approximately 30% of their marketing budget to producing visuals, which is noteworthy in comparison to the 17% of people who did the same thing in the previous year.

Remember to choose your advertising photography strategy wisely as it can become your business’s breakthrough point. By choosing a team of experts to help you, you can ensure an upward trend for your practice. At CMC Marketing Agency, we do our best to create beautiful images of your business that will grab the attention of your target market right away.

3 – Numbers: A Quick, yet Comprehensive Guide​
3 – Numbers: A Quick, yet Comprehensive Guide

We have established how visuals play a big part in attracting your target audience’s attention. This is exactly why advertising has been a visual medium throughout time. However, content marketing is also catching up. So the smartest thing to do is to put a combination of these two to use, and your business will bloom as beautifully as the cherry blossoms in Japan.

  • It’s been suggested that photo multimedia get 1.4 more views than text-only content on average. Videos are even more effective as they receive about 2.8 more views than texts.
  • According to MDG Advertising, pictures on Facebook get 352% more engagement compared to links.
  • 16% of Interest users found content without images or videos annoying, a 2018 Adobe survey suggests.
  • 41% of people link beautiful imagery with positive experiences.
  • 44% of web users refuse to read an article if the images don’t load properly.
  • All these statistics have become an incentive for marketers to put more money and effort into advertising photography. We have seen over 60% of growth in this subfield of marketing in the past 3 years.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that photography is bound to be the future face of marketing. You’ll know how helpful it is once you understand how far-reaching the effect of a simple picture is. At CMC Marketing Agency, it would be a pleasure for us to accompany you on this journey as we have spent years upon years to gain mastery in the art of advertising photography.

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