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As one of the biggest industries in the world with more than $5,900 billion worth of money invested in it, the food industry keeps expanding, making us eager to try everything new that there is about it. This diversity makes the whole industry more competitive, which in turn, requires people who are active in it to take the time to come up with a marketing strategy that will make them be ahead of their game.

In our modern day lifestyles, the internet keeps digging its claws into different aspects of our lives more and more everyday, and food is no exception. Studies suggest that more than 57% of people order their food online. And more than 40% of people find information about food via the internet. It shouldn’t be a surprise to us though; after all, we see tons of promotional food and beverage posts on Instagram everyday and use review blogs to find our new takeout place. And let’s not even start to talk about Uber Eats and its place in our lives.

Now that we are well aware of how the internet plays a big part of our diets, we are going to discuss digital marketing strategies through which you can make your food brand skyrocket.

Content Marketing, The First Step Of Digital Marketing

The first thing you wanna do when setting a marketing plan for your business, is creating content. This content should be both relevant and engaging so that people are more likely to read/watch it. So tip number one would be: Create entertaining content and be wary of ranting about unrelated stuff.

A great place you can put this content to use is food blogs. They’re extremely popular and offer you a way to visually stimulate your viewers. Food is not something that you can explain in words. The best way to experience it is to smell and taste it. Since that’s not available throughout the internet (yet,) you wanna give people a vision. How does your product look? How aesthetically-pleasing is it? Now, if you go the extra mile to create a video, that is when your numbers will start to soar. Take mukbang videos for example, no picture can show the crunchiness of those chicken tenders. And that ladies and gentlemen, is the power of video marketing in the food industry.

Here we’re just touching on the subject of photo and video marketing. But don’t worry, we can guide you more in depth about the whole procedure. You can visit our articles about advertising photography and video marketing to learn more.

SEO, The Make Or Break Point


Believe us, if we could, would’ve recapitalized the word.  SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial for ANY business that is trying to expand.

You might be wondering what the hell even is SEO? Well, let us tell you. SEO basically shows where you rank in the search engines results. It is important because if you don’t rank high, people are dramatically less likely to visit your website, and all your hard work will therefore be in vain.

Most people find the services they want online nowadays. Google uses location-based search results to offer its users said services. If your SEO game is good, you’ll be on top of the search results and find new customers heading to you.

You can even go as far as to say that SEO is the most effective way for a business to consistently grow. That is why you should start setting your SEO strategy NOW. Visit our page about search engine optimization to get more information on the subject before getting to work.

Social Media, Dominate It.

Let’s start with some interesting statistics. Did you know that the most popular topic of search on Instagram is food? Well, it is. Turns out the power of our fellow foodies is way more than we had previously imagined.

This gives you better insight into the importance of social media marketing. You can find countless types of food content on social media. From mukbangs to recipes, ads, tiktok food hacks, and so on.  Food is everywhere.  In order to stand out in the sea of digital food, you’re going to have to create content that gets your viewers to interact with you. Make them feel curious or excited.

Another ongoing trend for food marketing on social media is … you guessed it, influencers. The Ariana Grande and Addison Rae Starbucks drinks are great examples for this part. People will buy what their favourite celebrities and influencers buy.

At CMC Marketing Agency, you can get social media marketing on any platforms that you like. Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok. You tell us about your aspirations, and we’ll make them possible.


Use The “Right” Keywords


People are always changing, which leads to their values changing, which ultimately causes trends to convert. You should be aware of these trends and choose your keyword strategy accordingly.

For now, fitness, health, and sustainability are the things people are looking for when searching about food. You should mention any packaging cutdowns your company has taken. For example, if you don’t use plastic in your packaging, or if your packaging is recyclable, don’t be shy to mention it. This will help you gain the attention of more people.

Moreover, if there are any health benefits to your product, make it abundantly clear to your target audience. If you can use quotes from experts or case studies in your strategy, even better!

Having paid attention to these changes in trends, you should choose the set of keywords that you use for your SEO, hashtags, or simple advertisements wisely. The good news is that here at CMC Marketing Agency, you can get the best consultation about keyword strategy in Toronto, so you shouldn’t worry about anything at all.

Email Marketing

When someone agrees to give you their email address, they are already somewhat committed to your brand. When you send them emails about special offers, interesting information and many more subjects, you’re catching their attention again, making them become your loyal customers.

People are more likely to pay attention to their emails rather than ads, so you should take into consideration to use email marketing. Whether you choose to correspond with your contacts with automated responses or personal, heartfelt ones is up to you. Whatever option you choose, we are here to help you carry out your plans at CMC Marketing Agency.

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