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Digital Marketing Services in Toronto​

Digital Marketing Services in Toronto

CMC Digital Marketing Agency offers a wide variety of digital marketing services in Toronto. Digital marketing means to build awareness and promote a brand/ Product/ Service online using different digital channels.

Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing. There are different channels to promote your online business, such as your website’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Ads (PPC/ Google Ads), Email marketing, Online banner ads, and Social Media.

CMC Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

Are you a small business and looking for a way to generate leads from your website?

Many small and medium-sized businesses in Toronto are not generating leads from their website.

No matter how many competitors you have, if you need to succeed, you have to have a great online presence in Toronto.

Your competitors might be ahead of you in their digital marketing and advertisements. However, with the right process, our Toronto digital marketing agency will increase your website visitors and online leads in a short period.

CMC Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto​

Frequently asked questions about our digital marketing agency

Yes. We can. As an experienced digital marketing agency in Toronto, we will analyze all your competitors in your area and your business potential as well.

We will pick the best and the fastest strategy for your business and provide you with an accurate report and the estimated time we need!

We won’t charge you anything extra if it takes longer than what we promised. Call us for our free consultation.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from digital marketing as digital marketing agencies give access to the mass market in their field of work at affordable prices. Our marketing agency in Toronto helps you reach your targeted audience in a much more cost-effective and effortless way. 

If you still cannot truly count on digital marketing companies, you can consider digital marketing strategies along with traditional advertising methods. Then you will realize that digital marketing is far more beneficial in comparison to traditional marketing. 

Any type of marketing that is geared towards tablets, smartphones, laptops, and any other device capable of connecting to the internet is called digital marketing. Digital marketing companies in Toronto and any other region focus on expanding your business using apps, websites, social media, email, etc. In contrast, traditional marketing focuses on TV programs, radio, and so on. 

Our Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Learn your business
We will visit your business several times a week. Learn about your previous digital marketing efforts and will implement a marketing strategy with an easy transition process to maximize your ROI.
2. Create a Complete Digital Marketing Strategy
We will create a complete digital marketing strategy that is unique for your business, defining your customer’s personality and the best way to reach them.
3. Use Appropriate Tools
We will define the issues and opportunities that could be solved by using appropriate tools. If you need a complete sales or marketing automation tool, we will install, implement and teach your staff how to use it.
4. Create Multichannel Contents
CMC Marketing Agency in Toronto will create every possible channel that is existed for your business. We also create unique content for your business that is personal and engaging for your audience.
5. SEO, Ads, PPC, Social Media Marketing
After defining all these steps, CMC will create and implement a strategy for your SEO, Google Ads, PPC, and Social Media Marketing! We always make sure that our client receives the best possible result in a very short period of time!
Our Toronto Digital Marketing’s Winning Strategy against Your Competitors

In today’s world, there are so many competitors in every business. For example, a dentist in Toronto had way less competitors 10 years ago than a dentist in 2022.

The question is; How can they survive? 


With the help of online and digital marketing, businesses can earn more money than before because not all the competitors are aware of the power of online marketing.

In general, CMC Marketing Agency has helped many clients take their business to the next level over the past years. We are among the top marketing agencies in Toronto and the surrounding area and increase your profit to a significant extent. 

Dentistry Digital Marketing Case Study: ​

Dentistry Digital Marketing Case Study: 

CMC Marketing Agency in Toronto is partnered with dozens of dentists. We were able to break the record of 252 NEW PATIENTS per MONTH from the website, digital marketing, SEO, and dental marketing. While other competitors in the market do not realize the importance of digital marketing companies and search engine marketers, we are making thousands of dollars per month for our clients.

We have offered top services of digital marketing to Toronto residents for many successful years.

252 New Patients Per month * $1000 Average Life Time Value per patient = $252,000.00 Increase in earnings in a month

Would you like to learn more about how we make money for our clients? Contact CMC Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto for a Free Consultation.

Canadian Digital Marketing in 2022

If you want to be successful in your business, you should adapt to new changes in the world of marketing and advertising.

New reports from Harvard University in 2021 show that ROI in traditional advertisement channels is decreasing year after year.

This means if you would advertise in a magazine, TV, or radio, you should change those advertisements and invest more in Digital Marketing. Contact our Toronto digital marketing experts for a free consultation.

What is your Goal? 

If your goal in doing Digital Marketing is to Generate More LeadsIncrease Your Sales and Increase Brand Awareness, contact us today so we can provide the best marketing solutions for your business.

Canadian Digital Marketing in 2022​
Success Rate of Digital Marketing​

Success Rate of Digital Marketing

You need to keep your business up to date with developments in the industry because the marketing world is ever-changing and dynamic. The last thing every business owner wants is to fall behind while other competitors stay at the top.

CMC offers digital marketing to Toronto business owners as a great way to keep up with the marketing trends. According to the statistics published by Reviewlution, more than US$455 billion was spent on digital marketing by business owners worldwide last year. 40% of the whole global marketing spending is for Canada and US. Figures show that around 65% of small or medium-sized businesses follow digital marketing strategies.

Although digital marketing has proven a great success for expanding the businesses, it still receives less attention compared to TV and newspapers. As a whole, TV with 28%, newspapers with 6%, magazines with 4%, and cinemas with 0.5 % constitute the most marketing spendings by business owners, respectively.

You can see that traditional marketing receives significant funds while digital marketing can bring outstanding results. It shows that many business owners may still not be familiar with the countless benefits of digital marketing. However, based on the stats published on AdWeek, digital marketing will account for more than 75% of marketing spending in the next five years. It means more and more business owners will realize the importance of digital marketing for their success.

Quick research in our Toronto marketing agency also admits the significant growth of demands for digital marketing. Statistics prove individuals and businesses started taking advantage of digital marketing 23% more than five years ago, and this number is still on the rise. More than 65% of the residents in Toronto, Ontario, have a social media account on major networks. Almost two-thirds of them (20%) have registered on more than one social network, such as Facebook or Instagram. This is a vast population and can be an opportunity for digital marketing agencies. Around 35% of those with a social media account use this opportunity to promote their business or offer their products and services.

digital marketing agency infographic CMC

Digital Marketing Company in Toronto

Online and Digital Marketing in Ontario is different than any other place in the world. We have seen that businesses outsource their digital marketing to companies in India or their home country, and they FAIL. The digital marketing company that you are working with should know the culture and customer behavior in Toronto.

You would be surprised if you know that the keywords people search in Toronto are different from other places in the world, even in the United States and other places in Canada. From now on, you can trust CMC Marketing Agency as a top digital marketing company in Toronto for your business.

“If the company you are hiring for your digital marketing services does not visit your business to do complete internal marketing, you wouldn’t be successful in your external and digital marketing as well.”

Digital Marketing Company in Toronto​

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