Social Media

Social Media Marketing Campaigns in Toronto

CMC Canadian Marketing Agency provides all services related to your social media. We will take care of your daily/weekly social postings, content creation, social media advertising and marketing campaigns, and lead generation from Social Media.

Nowadays, people in Toronto are spending more than 30 minutes daily on average on social media. You don’t want to miss this big opportunity… You will be amazed by how many customers you can create from social media.

Instagram was the largest social media platform in 2019. The University of Toronto conducted a survey, and the result showed that people in Toronto spend the most amount of time on Instagram more than any other platform. CMC is able to promote your business on Instagram in a way that yields the highest ROI.

Facebook and Twitter are the other two social media platforms where people tend to spend their time on a daily basis. Our Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns will result in increasing your followers and generating online and quality leads from these two platforms.

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

We will implement social media campaigns that work. Our advertising platform helps your business to maximize your earnings from your social media advertising campaigns. We will implement Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads using videos that are created by CMC which are engaging and help your audience understand your business.

If you are looking for the best social media marketing and advertising strategies, contact CMC for a free consultation.

Instagram Bot:

CMC uses a platform that automatically engages with your audience and target market on Instagram profiles. This bot will automatically like, comment, follow, and unfollow people who are in Toronto. If your content is unique and engaging, users will follow your profile and will become your loyal customers.

This tool will save you a significant amount of money on social media advertising and will increase your Instagram followers. Are you ready to spend less and earn more than those who advertise online? Contact CMC, and we will teach you how.

Remarketing (Re-targeting) Campaigns:

Google and Facebook allow you to place a code on your website and track your visitors’ actions on the website. Then, when they next visit their Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, they will see your ad. This is one of the best ways to generate quality leads from your advertising campaigns.

Have you ever visited Amazon and seen the same ad for the product you viewed on your Facebook? We will help you implement the best retargeting campaigns in Toronto. Retargeting campaigns are usually cheaper and more effective because you are not paying to attract new visitors to your website.

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How We Work

1. Facebook Ad Campaigns

Being in Toronto, we know the Torontonian users’ behavior on Facebook. We will help you generate quality leads from Facebook Ads.

2. Instagram Ads
So many people in Toronto use Instagram, and we will help you increase your brand awareness and generate quality leads from Instagram.
3. YouTube Ads
We will help you create the best video advertising and promote it to your target market on YouTube.
4. LinkedIn Ads
If your target customers are businesses, LinkedIn is the best choice for you. CMC will promote your business using Sponsored InMail and LinkedIn Banner Ads.
5. Twitter Ads
Twitter is the best choice for the entertainment industry, and if you are targeting those people, we will generate an ad on Twitter for you.