Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services in Toronto

Are you looking for a professional graphic designer to help boost your sales? CMC Canadian Marketing Consultant helps businesses and organizations boost their sales with professional Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator designs. We also help Amazon FBA Sellers improve their listings pictures. In the past 15 years, we have designed dozens of catalogs, flyers, stands, exhibition booths, and any other design services that are required by businesses in Toronto.

Graphic Design Picture Effect on SEO

A great-looking picture on your website will help you convert more visitors into qualified leads. A professional picture will also help you rank higher on Google search results as it’s unique and built for your website only. Using pictures that are copied from other sources harms your website’s ranking. Contact us today to learn more about the positive effects of professional graphic design on your SEO efforts.

CMC's Graphic Design Services

CMC will help you design any picture in any size and format, no matter where you want to use them. Here is a list of our graphic design services:

  • Advanced Product Retouching
  • Photoshop Editing
  • Advanced Ghost Manipulation
  • Product Feature Graphics
  • Premium Product Infographics
  • Lifestyle Picture
  • Compression Chart

Portrait Retouch:

  • Skin retouch effects, rejuvenation, color change, remove wrinkles, body slim, white teeth, face swap, etc.
  • Real estate: Pics enhancement, color, brightness, add objects, remove objects
  • Product retouching, background removal, color change, etc.