Boost Dental Marketing Success in the Post-COVID Era

In the post-COVID-19 landscape, Dental Marketing has become crucial for clinics worldwide.

In this post, our team will explore the essential strategies that each dental clinic should implement to increase their patient numbers.

If you have any questions or concerns, our team at CMC Digital Marketing Agency is here to address them.

5 Essential Tips for Post-COVID-19 Dental Marketing Success

In the digital age, people turn to Google to find services and products, and dental clinics are no different. Being among the top results for searches like ‘dentist near me’ or ‘best dentist in my area’ is crucial. Achieving high rankings on Google Search, Google Ads, and Google Maps requires effective digital marketing and SEO techniques. In this article, you’ll discover five key strategies for attracting new patients through dental marketing post-COVID-19.

1- Rank Your Dental Clinic #1 On Google Maps

Being at the top of Google Maps search results is crucial for your dental clinic to receive phone calls from prospective patients. CMC Digital Marketing Agency always strives to ensure its clients’ dental clinics rank #1 on Google Maps when nearby residents search for dental services.

The initial step in achieving a top ranking on Google Maps is to claim your Google My Business account. By claiming your account, you can update all the information displayed on Google Maps. Here’s a brief video demonstrating how to claim your Google My Business Listing.

2- Google ADS (PPC For Dental Clinics)

Google Ads remains an essential requirement for all businesses. Although the cost per click for certain keywords on Google Ads is now five times higher than it was in 2020, it’s still a valuable investment for your clinic to attract more patients. Surprisingly, more than 60% of people can’t distinguish between organic search results and Google Ads, presenting a significant opportunity to acquire new patients through this marketing channel.

Investing in Google Ads is straightforward, and Google is more than willing to accept your budget. Unfortunately, over 90% of Google Accounts are not configured correctly, resulting in continuous wasted expenditure. One of the simplest yet often ignored steps, is setting up your ad schedule.

CMC Digital Marketing Agency, a Google Partner company, has been collaborating with Google Ads for over a decade. During this time, our team has curated a list of over 500 keywords personalized for dental practices, offering the lowest cost per click and the highest return on investment for Google Ads. There’s no better time than now to embark on your dental marketing journey post-COVID-19 with CMC Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto.

3- Online Reviews of Your Dental Clinic

Learn why Google reviews are important for your dental marketing post-COVID-19.

When was the last time you visited a place you discovered online without checking their Google reviews

This is precisely why positive Google Reviews can attract an increasing number of patients from online sources. Various online platforms offer review services. At CMC Marketing Agency Inc., we send a text message to everyone who visits your dental clinic, providing a link that exclusively showcases your 5-star reviews.

It’s equally important to respond to each review. Your customers have invested time in leaving positive feedback on your Google profile. It’s a chance for you to acknowledge their effort and show your appreciation. Google also values your interactions with customers, which can positively impact your online ranking.”

4- Search Engine Optimization for Dental Clinics (ON-PAGE & OFF-PAGE)

Explore SEO practices for dental marketing post-COVID-19.

Investing in search engine optimization, for your dental practice can yield a wealth of clicks without the need for paid Google ads or other advertisements. These clicks can translate into new patients, and it comes at no cost to your business. To execute a comprehensive SEO strategy, it’s essential to have a website that incorporates all the features required by Google Search Engine to improve your ranking

On-page SEO consists of techniques and factors, essential for optimizing your website’s internal web pages. This includes using the right keywords, meta-tags, header types, managing keyword density, improving page loading time, and all other elements that contribute to your website’s success.

Off-page SEO for dental clinics pertains to all the external sources beyond your website that link to and drive visitors to your site. When more websites share articles and utilize your backlinks (links directing people to your targeted web page), search engines boost your page authority and domain authority, ultimately leading to higher rankings on Google Search.

If you want to have successful dental marketing after the COVID-19 campaign, it’s crucial to implement all the factors recommended by Google to achieve a high ranking in Google Search Results.

5- Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to Handle Your Online Dental Marketing After COVID-19

We consistently advise dentists in Toronto to focus on what they excel at—being a dentist—and entrust our team to manage all online aspects of their practice. Why should dentists concern themselves with domain name renewals or backlinks to dental websites? We’re here to provide the necessary support.

When you’re in the process of selecting a company to manage your online marketing, it’s advisable to have a face-to-face meeting with them. Many companies based in India, Pakistan, and other countries may not deliver the best results for your website and ranking. They serve customers from around the world, and if they lose one, it may not concern them as much.

During your face-to-face meeting with an SEO company, it’s essential to verify their claimed results. If they assert that they’ve achieved #1 rankings for other dental clinics, be sure to check those keywords on your mobile device to confirm their accuracy.

Always ensure that the marketing and SEO company is both innovative and dedicated to their work. Often, Fortune 500 companies have the advantage of employing top-notch salespeople for initial interactions. However, it’s crucial to reach out to the companies they’ve worked with and assess the results they’ve delivered.

CMC Marketing Agency, situated in Toronto, boasts an innovative team of online marketers with a track record of success in dental marketing post-COVID-19. We provide complimentary consultations, whether you’re seeking a second opinion or evaluating the performance of your current digital marketing partner. It’s a free service, and we’re just a phone call away.