Google Ads

Google Ads Campaigns for Small Business in Toronto

Studies show that 63% of people do not recognize Google ads, and they would click on them and actually use their services. This is a huge number of people who are searching online, and it shows that there is a big opportunity for businesses to promote their small business on Google using PPC.

CMC Canadian Marketing Agency is a Google Partner Agency in Toronto that can help you create the best marketing and remarketing campaigns on Google. Our services include:

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network (Banner Ads)
  • YouTube Ads (Video Ads)
  • Shopping Ads

CMC will show the ads to your target market where and when they are searching for your services. Stop wasting money on your Google Ads and consult with one of CMC’s agents to inform you how you can maximize your earnings from Google Ads (PPC).

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How We Work

1. Sales

Are you looking to increase your sales using Google Ads? Our advertising experts help you to get more than a 500% ROI on your Google Ads campaigns.

2. Leads
If you are in Toronto and want to generate leads using Google, CMC’s team will show you the best way to increase your quality leads using Google Ads.
3. Website's Traffic
CMC will use the best techniques to increase your website traffic for only $0.02 per click. Google Ads is the best platform that can help you increase your website traffic.
4. Product & Brand Awareness
Google Ads is the best platform that can help you increase your product and brand awareness using YouTube and visual ads. CMC will help you achieve that goal.
5. App Promotion
Are you looking to promote your app using Google? CMC specializes in promoting your applications on Google and Android systems.