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The illiterate brute has been a recurring character in the stories of our books, movies, and even cartoons. Take Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, for example. Not only did he commit reprehensible actions to achieve his goal of marrying Belle, but he also made it abundantly clear that he was averse to the idea of reading anything without illustrations.

As much as we love to despise Gaston and his worldview, he embodies one unavoidable human trait that is painful to acknowledge but crucial to consider when studying human behavior: a penchant for visual stimulation.

Our sense of sight accounts for approximately 78% of our understanding of the world around us. While it has been scientifically proven that remembering scents, sounds, and tastes is more challenging, visuals are easier for us to recall and conceptualize.

Now, back to the main focus of this article: marketing. We are influenced by what we see. We remember ads that feature captivating visuals or videos. Our perception of things is shaped by the impressions they make on us, and so forth. This has made visual content an indispensable part of digital marketing. While this type of content may not have a significant impact on search engine results, it has been proven to substantially aid business growth.

Visual content is a game-changer in the realm of social media marketing. Whether it’s a GIF, an infographic, a screenshot, a meme, or a video, we encounter and share some form of imagery every day. How we utilize these media depends on our content strategy, yet there’s not one of us who doesn’t engage with images or videos daily.

Now that we’ve conducted a comprehensive review of the importance of photography in capturing people’s attention, let’s delve a bit deeper. We will discuss three reasons why you absolutely need advertising photography in your marketing strategy.


1 – The Role of Photography in Marketing

Here are four ways in which advertising photography can boost your business growth.

  • Photography enhances your overarching narrative. Think back to some compelling stories you’ve read in the paper. Was it the headline that first grabbed your attention? Was it the eloquence of the text? Neither. The cornerstone of a memorable, iconic article is the accompanying image. This image piques people’s curiosity about the story and encapsulates its essence. This is why clickbait and billboards are effective. Due to this attribute, images are excellent for brand awareness in marketing.
  • Photography fosters a connection between you and your audience. While not advisable, using stock photos isn’t a disastrous idea. The hesitation, however, stems from the fact that original photos of your workspace reveal nuances that make everything more authentic and attractive to your audience.
  • Actions speak louder than words. Visuals can narrate a story or highlight its most crucial elements. They don’t need to replace text, but they can serve to emphasize or encapsulate it. Photos excel as complementary design elements in blogs, social media posts, and case studies. They are particularly valued by audiences who skim content or have multiple interests, which essentially applies to everyone.
  • Photos are the optimal way to establish your credibility. In the context of small businesses, it’s widely understood that original photos are essential if the owner wishes to convey the story of their company, their objectives, and their offerings to their target audience. Conversely, it’s easier to source quality stock photos for industries like law firms, healthcare clinics, and auto shops. However, nothing rivals original images when it comes to demonstrating the firm’s capabilities, expertise, and credibility.

Here at CMC Marketing Agency, we understand the steps to take and the photos and setups to utilize to achieve the best possible results for you and your business. Your experience with advertising photography is guaranteed to be satisfying if you allow us to guide you through it meticulously.


2 – Original Content Imagery vs. Stock Photos

Stock photos are readily accessible and budget-friendly. However, their inefficiency compared to the original visuals cannot be overstated. Various surveys suggest that most people are, at best, unimpressed with these images and, at worst, irritated by them. The inflexibility of these pre-captured photos makes them suboptimal for marketing purposes, often appearing impersonal, cold, or inauthentic.

Taking original photos of your workspace may be slightly more expensive, but it’s crucial to understand that no other medium can better convey your identity and mission. You could even collaborate with a local photographer, who might use the opportunity as a marketing strategy for their portfolio.

Regardless of how you acquire these images, it’s important to note that competition in advertising photography is intensifying. Data suggests that in 2019, 32% of marketers allocated roughly 30% of their budget to visual content, a significant increase compared to the 17% who did so the previous year.

Choose your advertising photography strategy judiciously, as it could be a pivotal moment for your business. By enlisting a team of experts, you can ensure a positive trajectory for your enterprise. At CMC Marketing Agency, we excel in crafting compelling visuals that will immediately capture the attention of your target audience.


3 – Metrics: A Brief yet Comprehensive Guide

We’ve established that visuals are instrumental in capturing your target audience’s attention. This is precisely why advertising has always been a visual medium. Content marketing is also gaining traction, so the wisest course of action is to employ a blend of both, and your business will flourish like cherry blossoms in Japan.

  • Studies suggest that multimedia content featuring photos garners 1.4 times more views than text-only content on average. Videos are even more impactful, receiving approximately 2.8 times more views than text.
  • According to MDG Advertising, images on Facebook generate 352% more engagement than links.
  • A 2018 Adobe survey indicates that 16% of internet users find content lacking visuals annoying.
  • 41% of individuals associate stunning visuals with positive experiences.
  • 44% of online users will skip an article if the images fail to load properly.
  • These statistics act as a catalyst for marketers to allocate more resources to advertising photography. We’ve witnessed a growth exceeding 60% in this specialized area of marketing over the past three years.


In summary, photography will be a cornerstone in the future of marketing. The far-reaching impact of a single image becomes clear once you grasp its potential. At CMC Marketing Agency, we would be delighted to guide you through this journey, as we have amassed years of expertise in the realm of advertising photography.

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