The New Norm

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So the pandemic is…over? We guess? Of the many lessons that the past three years have taught us, “expect the unexpected” is perhaps the most important, so we’re bracing ourselves for a horror movie-style comeback. But we know one thing’s for sure: public spaces are opening, and we are getting a semblance of “normalcy” again. Let’s call it the new norm. The new norm… As a business owner, what does that even mean for your marketing efforts? Did you even use digital marketing? Did you take advantage of the many benefits of social media marketing, Google ads, website design, branding, and content marketing? And if you did, what does the new norm mean for you? Well, there’s one thing it doesn’t, and that is that you can’t just stop them. On the other hand, if you, _somehow_ survived a pandemic without any digital marketing plans, it’s time for you to use them, as they’ll be a crucial part of running your business in the post-pandemic days!

Lessons of the Pandemic

As a digital marketing agency in Toronto, CMC Marketing Agency was well-prepared to help different businesses move from their usual way of conducting business to a new approach that is designed to work during the pandemic. Search Engine Optimization, web design, social media marketing, graphic design, and Google ads were only some of the tools we utilized to maintain this goal and make our clients continue to soar or even rise from the ashes. When the lockdown first begun, we were flooded with panicked phone calls from business owners that were literally scared witless of losing their businesses. And unfortunately, some of our clients we couldn’t hold, some because they couldn’t afford marketing, and some because they simply had to shut their doors. Still, we gained many more! Here at CMC Marketing Agency, our team was able to help many businesses grow using our dental marketing, music marketing, marketing for construction companies, food marketing, video marketing, and advertising photography services. We were able to thrive and get bigger by the day by helping our clients do way more than just survive. 

An article on explains it so well: “reliance on data for decision making limited the ability of businesses to think and respond to an unprecedented situation. Many chose to take the more risk-free path — to wait, watch and learn. Meanwhile, some business leaders realized that there is no better reason or time to ramp up marketing efforts than during adversity. They understood that customers were looking for value and connections. Undaunted, these businesses took cues from the transformative power of digital and did well when it came to their marketing initiatives.”  


How Is Digital More Powerful?

Once the early days of the pandemic were far gone, the general agreement in the marketing industry was quick to change. Most members of our community now agrees many of the changes that the pandemic caused were unavoidable no matter what, because digital has turned into an absolute necessity in our current society.

Again, from “‘Shift to digital” has been the message for a while now — all the pandemic did was accelerate the shift…But the key takeaway is not going digital — it’s to go wherever your customers are. There are no more boundaries between channels; what exists today is a seamless, integrated journey. That is what it means to be truly omnichannel and omnipotent.”

Don’t Stop Me Now!

As we begin to dip our toes in the new norm, it may occur to some small business owners that they have survived the worst, hence there’s no need to start on or continue their marketing efforts. Although the restrictions are now lifted and there are many people waiting to use your goods and services, you should continue to market. That is because this overgrowth in demand comes from the fact that this is a “honeymoon phase”. Yes, everyone can’t wait to get “out there” and have some fun nowadays, but that is not going to last long. Don’t get too full of yourself and continue to deliver what your customers want.

CMC Marketing Agency’s CEO, Makan Ayoughi, says, “Mandates being lifted doesn’t mean that you should kiss all the hard work you put into your business during the time of COVID goodbye. Many of our clients were able to not only survive, but thrive during the pandemic, and are now readier than ever to improve their businesses further. That is of course, because they have been using digital marketing for some time and know what they should do to remain visible afterwards too.” He then adds, “You should always be prepared for the worst. “Hope for the best, expect the worst.” As the old saying warns us about it, COVID reminded us once again that it is crucial to be ready.”

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