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To put it simply, VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a technology designed to allow you to make and receive phone calls and video calls over the internet instead of landlines.

The more simplified version of VoIP’s definition is the alternative to the local phone company.

VoIP allows you to call anyone without depending on your local phone company to provide you services. All you need is a sturdy internet connection and a VoIP service provider to handle the calls.

A trusted VoIP provider such as CMC Marketing Agency will handle everything for you. With our help, all that is left for you to do is plug your IP phone in and voila! You’re ready to make your calls. Our digital phones use high-speed internet connection to establish connectivity.

What VoIP does is converting your phone calls into data that is sent over the internet. To use it, you can either use the Ethernet cables or skip them if you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. One of the main advantages of Voice over IP is the fact that it makes making and receiving calls possible at a price much lower than traditional phone services.


As aforementioned, Voice over IP converts your voice into a digital file before compressing it and sending it over the internet. The VoIP service provider sets up your call, just like your internet service provider. Many people decide to switch to Voice over IP from landlines due to lower startup costs. The fact that VoIP helps you make calls using the internet means that you won’t have to pay the long-distance charges as you would with traditional phone services.

Here’s how VoIP works in four steps:

  1. First, your phone connects to your switch or router in your Local Area Network (LAN).
  2. As you dial a telephone number, your digital phone tells your VoIP service provider to call the other party.
  3. Your VoIP service establishes the call and exchanges data packets, which is the way the conversation is exchanged. Using strong internet connection, you can have these data packets sent all over the world in only a second.
  4. Your VoIP phone will lastly convert these data packets into sounds and words you’ll be able to hear.

Before, you would need to use expensive, proprietary equipment to use VoIP. That’s an old story from 20+ years ago. Nowadays, VoIP is built accordingly to open standards such as Session Initiation protocol (SIP). SIP provides complete interoperability between different desk phones, conference phones, and VoIP apps.


Lower cost: A large number of consumers and similar businesses have notices substantial cost saving and lowered their phone bills by 60%.
High-quality sound: The lack of muffled or fizzy noises in VoIP calls are a stark difference to the traditional landline ones.
Advanced features: VoIP offers leverage premium features to run your company such as auto attendants, call recordings, and call queues. These features are often included with business phone service plans.
Call anyone worldwide: As mentioned before, VoIP makes it not only easier to call anyone you want, no matter where they are, it also makes it more affordable. With cheap long-distance charges, you won’t have to worry about talking to your loved ones or business partners and interests from across the world.


CMC Marketing Agency wants nothing but customer satisfaction when it comes to providing services. You can receive a wide variety of phone and VoIP services from our experts at an affordable rate.

CMC Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto​
$80 monthly

  • Call recordings
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Digital receptionist IVR

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$195 one time

  • The charge is based on the unit (every 5 phones are considered one unit)

  • Or contact us for more details.
$19.99 monthly

  • Latest security technology

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