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Maintenance and Support services consist of the software maintenance and support services that the contractor is obliged to or does provide as outlined in the Maintenance and Support Schedule in their contract.

You can use the help of our experts at CMC Marketing Agency to address both expected and unexpected software issues across numerous systems and devices. CMC Marketing Agency provides a wide variety of IT services in Toronto and is always ready to help you make the most of your virtualized business as soon as possible.

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Although they might sound similar at first, maintenance and support have their differences. The main dissimilarity between maintenance and support is the urgency with which they’re designed to address different problems. While system support is used to counter broken software (or “bugs”, as one would say) with reactive development, software maintenance is defined as adding new features gradually to the system or prioritizing unimportant “bugs” that do not affect the software design or user experience adversely.


With more data and workloads moving to the cloud, asset and endpoint protection becomes more and more essential. Organizations should ramp up efforts to protect endpoints. One way to reinforce network security is investing in dedicated endpoint solutions.
Endpoint security assessments and next-generation IT tools are designed to keep your organization's and your customers' data secure and compliant.
Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral monitoring spot emerging threats and quickly respond to attacks.
These comprehensive solutions provide intelligence and reporting for visibility into various types of cyber-attacks.
CMC Marketing Agency offers IT consulting to help you assess endpoint vulnerabilities, as well as provide managed services for 24/7 end-to-end support.

CMC Marketing Agency can give you and your website the protection you need. Our team of experts have many years of experience behind their back and can are ready to provide you with top-notch next-gen endpoint security services.

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Features of Next-Gen Endpoint Security Solutions

For a NGES solution to have Next Gen Endpoint Protection, it must have:

  1. Comprehensive protection services in the form of prevention and/or detection services (some solutions provide both).
  2. Hunting and/or forensic capabilities to locate/identify adversary activities and their artifacts. Hunting relies on real-time data collection and dissemination, while forensics rely on historical artifact collection.
  3. The ability to provide people managing the endpoints with some form of endpoint search and status interrogation.
  4. Centralized software distribution or works with an existing distribution solution.
  5. Some form of centralized management console for determining the status of and issues with all managed endpoints.
  6. Components for centralized data collection and/or threat analysis.
  7. The ability to provide the protection services in real-time (as an incident occurs) or near real-time (consistently operating within a few minutes).


8 . The ability to identify zero-day or emerging attacks against endpoint vulnerabilities.

9 . The ability to identify custom malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and advanced targeted attacks (ATAs), as well as their artifacts, even those originating from the most sophisticated attackers.

10 . The ability to provide those people managing the endpoints with sufficient visibility and context that will create high confidence of and actionable insights into the endpoint attack or compromise.

11 . The ability to provide some form of automated and/or automatic mitigation actions to support incident response.

Some form of centralized reporting capabilities for both operations and management-level reporting.

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