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Future-proof your enterprise on the cloud and streamline your collaboration and security by fully optimizing the utilization of each Microsoft 365 component. Our Microsoft 365 Managed Services offer all this with expert supervision at scale!

Focus on Your Business and Free Up IT Resources with Managed Services

Microsoft Office 365 is essential for your business, but supporting the technology can be a drain on valuable IT resources. CMC Marketing Agency is the solution – we can provide support for all of your 365 needs through a combination of any or all of the following services:

SharePoint Online Administration

  • Automated provisioning of Sites
  • Provisioning and Deprovisioning of users
  • Managing Site Permissions
  • Site Retention policy and Archival Policy
  • Setting up governance policy for SharePoint Site
  • Creating custom list, form, and taxonomy meta- data
  • Compliance Management and Notifications
  • Data Migration
  • Managing external sharing of site
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Exchange Administration

  • Creating region-specific new subscription
  • Managing the invoice bills and payment of Subscription Plans
  • Managing service request
  • Configuring and Managing custom domains and DNS records
  • Managing password lifecycle periods
  • User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
  • Reusable Scripts – custom reusable PowerShell scripts to generate reports as needed
  • Automated provisioning of Office 365 Groups
  • Managing Mail flow
  • Creating/Deleting DL, Office 365 Security Groups
  • Adding, removing and managing contacts

Teams Administration

  • Team creation, archive, and deletion
  • User and device management
  • Managing meeting policies
  • Managing messaging policies
  • Generating analytics & reports
  • Organizational wide access management
  • Monitoring call quality
  • Meeting location configuration
  • Managing windows desktop client

OneDrive Management

  • Setting up governance policy
  • Manage sharing of documents and synchronization
  • Storage Maintenance and Device Access Provisioning
  • Compliance Management and Notifications
  • Data Migration

Why Microsoft 365 Managed Services from CMC Marketing Agency?

As a company that specializes in Security and Modern Workplace Productivity Architectures, our highly skilled and attentive team serves the business and enterprise markets with a comprehensive set of Microsoft 365 Managed Services plans. And the best part? They cover the entire lifecycle of the vast toolkit of Microsoft 365!

The Benefits of Managed Microsoft 365 Services

Maximizing the latest Microsoft 365 features and updates can seem like a full-time job for your IT team.

By leaving the heavy lifting to our managed Microsoft 365 services, you can significantly reduce inefficiencies in your team’s workload – without sacrificing the best parts of the platform.

Our experts will manage everything from your Microsoft 365 email hosting to the vast number of built-in features. Turn monotonous maintenance routines and updates over to us, so you can focus on more important business tasks – instead of resetting passwords, managing mailboxes, or answering end-user support requests.

Unlock Hidden Efficiencies with Microsoft 365

Are you using Microsoft 365 to maximize your team’s performance?

We’ll equip your people with access to all of the Office applications, from basics like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to more complex apps like Yammer, SharePoint, and Teams. Our experts will walk everyone through the setup, configuration, and provide ongoing support.

With CMC Marketing Agency managing Microsoft 365, your business processes will remain:


  • Updated with the latest versions and tools.
  • Centralized amongst users and properly licensed.
  • Integrated with your favorite applications for better collaboration.
  • Compliant with data privacy regulations.
  • We’ll help you take full advantage of Microsoft 365 while minimizing the amount of time spent navigating the application and its many features.
  • Exchange with Offline Office for 5 Users $19 monthly
  • All Microsoft Office needs for a business

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