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Maintenance and Support services consist of the software maintenance and support services that the contractor is obliged to or does provide as outlined in the Maintenance and Support Schedule in their contract.

You can use the help of our experts at CMC Marketing Agency to address both expected and unexpected software issues across numerous systems and devices. CMC Marketing Agency provides a wide variety of IT services in Toronto and is always ready to help you make the most of your virtualized business as soon as possible.

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Although they might sound similar at first, maintenance and support have their differences. The main dissimilarity between maintenance and support is the urgency with which they’re designed to address different problems. While system support is used to counter broken software (or “bugs”, as one would say) with reactive development, software maintenance is defined as adding new features gradually to the system or prioritizing unimportant “bugs” that do not affect the software design or user experience adversely.


for maintenance and support

Here at CMC Marketing Agency, our team will draft an SLA (Service Level Agreement) in which we will outline our response time and ensure our availability to help you for each project. After receiving your request for remote software support, our technicians at CMC Marketing Agency will fix your issues as soon as possible via a remote session.
Before resolving a bug, you should first understand how it’s affecting your system, or in other words, what’s wrong. After pinpointing the defect upon your support request, our team at CMC Marketing Agency will meet to discuss the current status of your software product, changes made to the code, release updates, error messages, and/or anything else that might be causing the problem.
Through our system analysis service at CMC Marketing Agency, our experts are able to completely evaluate your system in order to determine all possible impacts of the defect, which enables them to find out the main issue. Not only will we review the code attached to the dysfunctional feature or function, we might also need to determine other potential problem causes such as out-of-date subscriptions and malware.
The majority of the solutions we offer to software defects are produced by our software engineers. However, before determining and documenting the procedures we are going to use and the impact they are going to have on your system, we find all the areas that would be affected by this solutions so that no code adjustment leaves other problems in its wake. Then, based on what our engineers think is best for your system, we will make our final suggestion to you. We will also walk you through all the other solutions as well so that you can decide on a course of action holistically.
Our Technical Support Lead at CMC Marketing Agency will use debugging tools, reviewing all logs, and taking an in-depth look into every line of code associated with the broken features and functions and produces bug triage tickets for our support team to begin working on as soon as possible.
Here at CMC Marketing Agency, we put a variety of leading unit tests into use in order to make sure of the correct delivery of your codebase. We deploy bug fixes to live production after confirming that all features and functions are stable and functioning in our test environment. Our team at CMC Marketing Agency will ask for your approval before closing the request once the fix is live.


At CMC Marketing Agency, our specialists offer the software maintenance and support packages below.

CMC Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto​
starting from
$9 monthly
  • Security patches
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software installation
  • Free consultation
  • Free IT planning
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30 minutes each
for every 30 minutes
  • Error fixing
  • Software upgrades
  • Server reboot
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1 hour each
for every hour
  • New hardware configuration
  • IT inventory management
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