A Backup and Disaster Recovery plan consists of solutions for disaster recovery and data backup. These solutions are used together to make sure a company’s business continues without any problems or complications. While being used cohesively, disaster recovery and data backup are not the same. Backing up data without having a recovery plan in mind is the equivalent of not backing up at all. For a successful backup process, there are measures that have to be taken. A proper backup environment should be available for successful backups. That means that you have to have proper storage, servers, and operating systems. Moreover, you will need to use the right people, processes, and tools to be able to restore your backed up data. At CMC Marketing Agency, we offer several Backup and Disaster Recovery services in Toronto so that you can continue your business with peace of mind. You can learn a bit more about BDR services and their importance below.

All computer hardware is bound to fail at some point. That can’t be changed. Hardware fail is always accompanied by data loss, no matter if it is caused by an accident or old age. In order to have a safe virtualized business nowadays, an effective business continuity plan and BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) are more than needed.

The future is unpredictable; none of us can say for sure when hardware is going to malfunction, when cyber-attacks are going to happen, and if and when a natural disaster is gonna knock on our doors. What we can do is secure our data. By backing up data in a way that makes it easy and quick to restore, we can minimalize downtime when the unexpected happens.

Backup and Data Recovery is not new to the market. While the days of media, vaulted backup, and manual recovery methods are long gone, this very essential element of business continuity has evolved tremendously. More recent BDR solutions provide secure, fast, monitored, and continuous backup and rapid data restoration through a cloud-based architecture. They allow you to cater to any and all business needs through various options and ways available.


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During a full backup, all the selected files and folders will be backed up. This is normally used as an initial backup and then followed up by subsequent incremental or differential backups. When a full backup is performed, all the selected data will be completely backed up.
A differential backup is a process that begins with a full backup first. After that, it subsequently backs up every change that is made after that previous initial backup. A differential backup will allow for considerably faster backups (and slower restores). It also uses the storage capacity much more efficiently.
Incremental and differential backups are very similar in nature. They do have one main difference however. During an incremental backup, after the initial full backup, subsequent backups will store changes that have been made since the previous backup cycle.
Mirror backup is an in sync copy of the source that is being backed up. Consequently, when a file is deleted in the source with mirror backup, the same file will be deleted in the duplicate as well. This makes mirror backup something to use with caution due to the fact that files might be deleted by accident, sabotage, or a virus in the mirror backup.
Cloud or remote backup is an offsite backup method that makes it possible for users to access, restore, or administer backups either at the source or offsite locations. In this method, data is backed up in the cloud (either directly or by a local appliance), which makes it one of the most substantial ways to protect a company against unwanted downtime and natural disasters.
Essentially, hybrid backup is the combination of local and cloud backup. It brings numerous elements such as cloud and local backup, disaster recovery, rapid file restores, and deliver system recovery together. In hybrid backup, the local backup is usually a NAS device, a network shared drive, or a USB drive.


CMC Marketing Agency provides a wide array of BDR services in Toronto. We are here to ease your mind by ensuring that your virtual business runs smoothly while you conduct it, minimalize your downtimes, and protect your data from anyone who might want to take advantage of it. Below, you can see some of our BDR packages.

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While local backup alone might be better for recovery purposes (due to its time-efficient nature), cloud backup will take that extra step to secure your data against risks such as primary location disaster. On top of that, local backup usually requires more in-house management and staff time. Taking into consideration the abilities of both local and cloud backup and using them together for ultimate results is a not a smart choice anymore, it’s a necessity.

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If your data has leaked and you worry it might be misused by people with less than pure intentions, CMC is here for you! Through our restore service, you can get your data recovered by eliminating the malware, deleting the criminally encrypted files, and restoring a good copy of your data safely.

$299 one time
Backup validation is an essential part of every Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. Its importance lies in its ability to allow testing the consistency and recoverability of your backups, as well as enabling you to predict how long it will take for your data to be fully recovered in the event of data loss.

$299 one time

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